Lamb Recipes Border Springs FarmThere’s nothing like the taste of Farm Fresh Lamb. Enjoy these Lamb Recipes I’ve gathered from my personal culinary experiences as well as numerous other sources I’ve collected as I have traveled the land sharing my lamb products with others.

Tips for Cooking Lamb

source: American Lamb
For those that do not have a lot of experience cooking with American Lamb, determining when it is done is the biggest challenge. An overcooked rack of lamb is an expensive mistake and carving into an undercooked roast can be an embarrassment at a dinner party. Do not rely on guesswork—a good meat thermometer will provide reliable results. DO NOT cut into a roast or chop to check doneness. Use an instant read thermometer to give you a quick, accurate reading.

American Lamb always benefits from rest before serving—the rest allows the meat’s juices to settle. Give thin cuts like chops 5 minutes before serving and allow 20 minutes before carving roasts. Keep in mind that the meat’s internal temperature typically rises 5-10 degrees as it rests. Remove lamb from cooking heat when the thermometer reads 5-10 degrees less than your desired temperature.

To ensure lamb remains safe throughout cooking, the USDA recommends cooking ground lamb to a safe minimum internal temperature of 160oF as measured on a food thermometer. Other cuts, including roasts and chops, should be cooked to 145oF for medium-rare, 160oF for medium, and 170oF for well-done. For approximate cooking times for use in meal planning, see the chart below.

Border Springs Lamb Recipe Collection

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