Al Roker Modern FarmerListen, there’s a lot of lamb out there, some of it is grown here, and some of it isn’t. So if you can partake of American lamb, I think it just tastes better. And if you happen to know the shepherd, even better still.

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Al Roker, Television Host

voltaggio_bryanWe look forward to our bi-weekly delivery of Border Springs Farm Lamb. The lamb is pastured raised and is custom finished for us on grain to develop a well marbled full-flavored lamb.  Craig raises his lamb humanely and you can tell by the quality that they have lived a happy life. The consistency of his product is, by far, the best I have seen in the region. The flavor is all lamb, what every chef is looking for; great mineral characteristics that does not over shadow the mild grassiness in the finish. I am proud to feature Border Springs Farm Lamb on my menu at VOLT.

Bryan Voltaggio, Chef/Owner, Volt

brock 225When I asked Craig to explain his lamb operation, the first thing he talked about was grass. Right away, I knew I was really going to like this guy.

He spoke of the importance of being a grass farmer first and foremost – how it affected flavor,sweetness of fat, and rate of growth. We talked about grass for half an hour, and I was already sold on Craig and his spirit before we even started talking about breed selection. It’s rare that you can sit with a shepherd and discuss flavor profiles of specific breeds, what you like or dislike about each, but Craig is that rare shepherd.

He said he’d have some lamb delivered so I could try it. Hanging up the phone, I felt certain that this lamb was going to be special! I could almost taste it. When the lamb arrived, it looked different, the texture was different – it even smelled different. In a hot black skillet, I carefully cooked a rib eye with just a bit of salt, nothing else, as l told the team about my conversation with Craig. Once the lamb was properly cooked and rested, I gave some to everyone. Immediately the kitchen went silent. Smiles all around, heads shaking in amazement. We’ve ordered lamb only from Craig since that day.

Sean Brock, Executive Chef, McCrady’s & Husk

panoramalogowebI truly love working with Border Springs Farm Lamb. It is the best lamb I have ever tasted! The flavor is tremendous – light and natural. Our customers constantly tell us how much they enjoy it.
I also admire the care and the commitment Craig gives to his lamb. It is important to me that Border Springs is also Animal Welfare Approved, and Certified Naturally Grown. Knowing that the lamb is raised naturally, and cared for is important to all of us here at Panorama. I see the end result everyday: animal raised humanely and slaughtered humanely, shows in the taste and texture of the meat. It has been a great pleasure meeting Craig, and working with his lamb.

Chef Scott Collinash, Executive Chef, Panaroma at the Peak

chefjoshsmith013I have gotten to know Craig pretty well and I am amazed at the quality of this lamb. The breed is called “Texel” and it is grass fed and ‘certified humane’. This breed in particular is not near as gamey as most lamb sold in the US. The taste is mild, buttery and complex because of the pastured, green grass diet.

As a chef who has worked with lamb from Colorado to Australia this is the best I have ever eaten!

Chef Josh Smith, Executive Chef, Franklin Cafe, Boston, MA

hotelroanokeWe have truly enjoy the Border Springs Lamb and our guest appreciate the clean natural flavor that comes from such a fantastic product. Your commitment to providing such a quality product shows through with every bite. It has been our pleasure to be able to work with you and your lamb.

Billie Raper, Executive Chef, The Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center – A Doubletree Hotel