Slim Jims

Lamb Sausages




1. Place the salt, cure and phosphates into a spice mill and pulverize to a fine powder.

2. Cube and partially freeze the meats and grind through a medium (10mm or 3/8”) disk, then regrind through a fine (4.5mm or 3/16”) disk.

3. Add the meats and the salt mixture to the mixer and mix for about 3 minutes until the paste is very sticky.

2.7 Kg 100%

4. Add the remaining dry ingredients to the spice mill and also pulverize them to a fine powder.

5. Mix the spices with the ice water, blend and add to the meat paste; mix for 5 minutes, scraping

down any spices that stick to the wall of the mixer.

6. Stuff into 22mm collagen casings and hang to dry at room temperature

7. Preheat the smoker at 130°F (54oC).

8. Arrange the snack sticks so that they don’t touch each other, leave for about 1 hour.

9. Raise the temperature of smoker to 145°F (63oC) and apply a heavy smoke for 3 hours.

10. Raise the temperature to 160°F (71oC) and continue smoking for 1 more hour.

11. Increase the temperature to 180°F (82oC) and continue smoking until the internal temperature of

the snack sticks reaches 160°F (71oC).

12. Cut snack sticks into 8-inch (20 cm) lengths and set out to dry until they snap went bent.